Welcome staff of The Animal Clinic.

Welcome staff of The Animal Clinic.

 Welcome staff the the Training center for the Animal Clinic, Galveston Texas. The site is designed for our OSHA training program, as well as additional training and education to help you progress in your skills as a team member at the clinic.

OSHA Training:

OSHA training must be done each year. The required training and topics required by OSHA will be in the OSHA section of the Courses/Training. All employees are required to review the material and take the quizzes to show understanding of the material. All material and evaluations must be completed before December 1rst each year so they can be reviewed and filed. If you have Questions regarding the OSHA material, ask Scott.


Staff Training:

Training modules will be added for the staff, as well as departments with the purpose to help you improve skills at work, as well as to be helpful to you.There are sections for departments and department leads may want to have modules or courses included in order to help employees improve their skills. Course and training sections will contain areas for OSHA training for all employees as well as reception, technician, and Kennel training.